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About Us


The canine consierge crew

The Philosophy
Travel is one of the great pleasures of life and it doesn’t have to be expensive to experience the quality of life New Yorkers enjoy. East Village Bed & Coffee breaks the image of NYC as a cold and unfriendly town offering a home away from home. Guests are treated as friends with insider knowledge into the neighborhood and the City. On occasion, a spontaneous group dinner or even a party has been known to appear.

The Hostess
When Anne was a child, her mother would bring her refrigerator boxes to build a house in the backyard, and then she would get in trouble for not returning her father's tools. Not much has changed since.  As her amore says, 'home will never leave you.'  Anne brings her background in art and design into the home. A "foodie" with 26 years in the neighborhood (though she looks much younger!), she's a mine of information, welcoming guests ready to explore the city and those who just want to sit back and relax. read more


Our garden just got better. See "before, during, and after"


Mural by Ji Yong Kim using my Grandmother's travel journals
Click here for a larger view

Kiki Smith's sculpture in the adjacent garden. View from the middle and top floor kitchen. See another


VOSS bottle lamp by Joe
See other light fixtures in the house.