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The Garden Before, duuuuurrring, and AFTER!


Fang I surveying the damage (1992)


Removing a Dead Tree

Dead tree The arborist

After 6 years of construction of 2 adjacent buildings.. the arborist arrives. (2004)


Removal and Replacement of a Fence and Gate

Old gate from the 70's
The gate installed in the 70's to keep durg dearlers and users out.
Removal of the old gate
Removal of the old gate (AKA 'The Big Dig')
Me.. furstrated!


The new gate
Yay! The new gate with Coletta from the crew. (2006)





And now my obsession with building a pond begins.. after a visit to Huntington Gardens in San Morino, California


The Second 'big dig' for a Pond


Prepping for a concrete pour with music of course

A shout out to Mark Bennett. None of this would be possible without his help.

The dig begins
The big dig begins and just keeps getting deeper thanks to constant thunderstorms.

The pre-lining before the real lining
The pre-lining before the real lining

The finished pond
Waa la.. the finished pond.

Complete with a waterfall for the fish.


The Sam & Sadie Koenig Community Garden
237 East 7th Street between Ave. C & D


sculpture "The Guardian"
Installing Kiki Smith's The Guardian (2007)